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I’d love to visit your school or organization to inspire and empower your community!

I’m an author, global speaker, and social entrepreneur who has been building businesses my entire life. I was inspired by my daughters to become a youth entrepreneurship advocate to help kids realize their potential, whatever their passion, through entrepreneurship.

I’ve spoken to thousands of kids, adults, and everyone in between on three continents, was profiled on Good Morning America, and my Macmillan-published books were recommended by the American Library Association (ALA) as a diverse and inclusive read to teach young people about money.

I will introduce your kids to the entrepreneurial mindset and how it will help set them up for a lifetime of achieving their potential. Children will leave my presentations more comfortable with risk, less afraid to fail, filled with grit and a growth mindset, and brimming with ideas for businesses that they can start today!

Bring Brian to Your School or Group

Brian’s path to publication was a bit unorthodox with twists and turns, ups and downs, and unexpected pivots. His experience as an author, TEDx speaker, and business executive will leave your audience inspired, motivated, and empowered to pursue their goals and passions.

One of the most difficult things teaching at a Title I school is getting the students excited, engaged, and making them more positive about their futures.  You did that today!  I can’t give a greater compliment to anyone.

Florin Elementary School, CA

“Brian Weisfeld’s talk to nearly 200 elementary school students was filled with his personal life stories about entrepreneurship showing them how they too can be entrepreneurs! He was relatable, engaging and very encouraging. The kids LOVED it!”

Junior Achievement of Tampa Bay

Skyping with Brian Weisfeld was absolutely worthwhile! The students left their Skype visit with an entrepreneurial mindset. They are inspired and eager to read more! Two of our girls are planning their summertime lemonade stand.

Ramsay Elementary School, PA

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From the the renowned entrepreneur and co-author of The Startup Squad series, You’re The Boss: A Kid’s Ultimate Guide to Starting Your Own Business is a guide to entrepreneurship filled with everything a kid, tween, or teen needs to know to start their own business: from business ideas to finding customers to pricing products to building an empire!


Girls mean business in this series about friendship and entrepreneurship from Macmillan Publishing that was recommended by the American Library Association (ALA) as a Diverse and Inclusive Read to Teach Young People about Money! The Startup Squad series is available in bookstores across the country.

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