“Students learned about the process of writing and publishing a book but also were inspired by stories of real life entrepreneurs and people just like them who didn’t give up.”
Bullis Charter School, CA

“Skyping with Brian Weisfeld was absolutely worthwhile! The students left their Skype visit with an entrepreneurial mindset. They are inspired and eager to read more! Two of our girls are planning their summertime lemonade stand.”
Ramsay Elementary School, PA

“One of the most difficult things teaching at a Title I school is getting the students excited, engaged, and making them more positive about their futures.  You did that today!  I can’t give a greater compliment to anyone.

Florin Elementary School, CA

“Noe is raving about the entrepreneur talk that Brian gave! She was literally quoting the anecdotes he told and is all fired up to start babysitting!! Amazing, impactful job by him!!!”

Brian’s path to publication was a bit unorthodox with twists and turns, ups and downs, and unexpected pivots. His experience as an author, TEDx speaker, and business executive will leave your audience inspired, motivated, and empowered to pursue their goals and passions.

Brian will introduce students to the entrepreneurial mindset and how it can help them become a better student now as well as set them up for a lifetime of achieving their potential. He’ll talk about how grit, a growth mindset, and the right attitude about failure can make all the difference between giving up on your goals and successfully achieving them. Students don’t always see a correlation between what they learn in the classroom and how they’ll apply it to real-life situations. In Brian’s talks, he explains how thinking like an entrepreneur can make classroom concepts come to life and help students see the bridge between what they’re learning now and how it can contribute to their success in the real world.

To bring Brian to your school or organization to inspire your audience, email us today!

Inspire Your Kids With The Following Programs:


Win Some, Learn Some

How Thinking Like an Entrepreneur Can Help Students Reach Their Potential

Not every kid will grow up to be on Shark Tank, serve as a CEO, or become a business owner. But every kid can benefit from thinking like an entrepreneur. The entrepreneurship mindset can help all kids learn life skills and develop qualities that will prepare them to pursue their passions and reach their potential, whatever they want to do in life.

This session will teach students:

  • How to turn their passions and interests into entrepreneurial endeavors. Do you have students who love animals? Sports? Arts and crafts? Technology? Hear how some kids have turned their passions into big, successful businesses.
  • Why failure is a good thing. While many see failure as a sign to give up, it’s really just a data point on the road to success. The inevitable failures we all face will help us develop grit, persistence, and adaptability – qualities that will serve all students well, regardless of the direction they want to head in life.
  • That even famous people failed before they succeeded. Did you know that when Beyoncé was twelve, she lost as a contestant on Star Search? Or that Michael Jordan was cut from his high school basketball team? Not everyone’s pathway to success was a straight one, including Bill Gates, whose first company went bust! When students see that even celebrities experience failure, and hear about Brian’s speed bumps on his path to publication, it’ll inspire them to push through their own inevitable failures on their journey to achieve success.


Business Plan Workshop Helps Kids Launch or Grow their Own Business

The hardest part of starting a business is knowing where to start. Brian Weisfeld will share his business plan template and walk your kids through the first steps to get a business rolling. Already have an idea for a business and not sure what to do next? Brian can help your kids plan how to take their business to the next level.

Kids will learn:

  • How to brainstorm a business idea based on their individual passions
  • Describe the “It” factor that will make their business unique
  • Identify their target customer base and create a marketing program to get their attention
  • Price their product to earn a profit on each sale

This program is customizable to apply to your own student’s businesses or for your classroom or Girl Scout Troop business.


Jumpstart Your Fundraising Program

Motivate Your Kids to Raise Even More Money!

Brian Weisfeld will inspire and excite your students about your fundraising projects, then help you leverage that enthusiasm into more money raised and a bigger ROI. In this talk, Brian will share the main principles from his books to help motivate your students to get in touch with their inner entrepreneur, resulting in more successful fundraising campaigns for your school or organization.

Students will learn:

  • How the five Ps can help you reach your fundraising goals. Place, people, product, price, and pitch are the five elements that set the stage for success for any fundraising project. Once students understand how these five Ps work together, they’ll be more effective and self-motivated to sell and fundraise.
  • Fundraising tips to make your campaign more fun and successful. Getting students to fundraise doesn’t have to feel like pulling teeth. Once they understand how to make the most out of every booth, customer interaction, and sales opportunity, they’ll naturally feel more equipped and excited to do their part in boosting revenue. Plus, they’ll have more fun!
  • The importance of embracing and learning from failure. Playing it safe rarely makes for a great success story. Risk-taking is necessary for growth and development–and money-making. When students understand it’s okay to fail, they are bolder and more creative in their decision-making and approach to fundraising.

Brian can customize this program to your fundraising campaign and incorporate real world examples that will resonate with your students and help them reach their and your goals.


Brian Can Inspire at Family and Client Events, Too!

Brian has spoken to parents and children at events across the nation. If you’re looking for a fun and inspiring client event or family program, consider an inspirational talk or business planning workshop.

Brian has spoken at events for banks and other financial institutions, YPO groups, Girl Scout meetings, Junior Achievement sessions, and many more. Let Brian help build your client relationships while inspiring the children of your constituents.

Have Brian Inspire Your Audience

To bring Brian to your school or organization to inspire your audience, email us today!

Need a way to raise money for an author visit? This helpful blog post offers 35 ways to fund an author visit.


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